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Tire Service

Taking care of a car can be expensive. Fortunately, Casablanca Tires offers tire service that everyone can afford. Visit Casablanca Tires for new, discount and used tires that are in top, durable condition that you require. Our technicians will get you in and out of our wheel shop as quickly as possible! We carry cheap tires for both trucks and autos for your financial convenience.

If you have a bent wheel, we have the tools to bend it back into shape. We can have someone quickly fix up your car ridding you of the hassle and stress. Don’t let your car sit in the driveway while you ask for rides to work, call us today and ask us about our rim and tire repair.

Our experienced professionals have seen it all. There is almost nothing we cannot fix, so you can trust us with all of your wheel repair needs. We can have your tire rotation and repairs done in a flash. Call us today, and we can repair a cracked rim or a bent wheel in no time.

If you are interested in our tire service, call Casablanca Tires in Bossier City, LA today!